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Legislative Committee Bill Reports 
Learn more about the current bills presented in the legislative session that impact the housing industry and what position Housing Colorado is taking on each bill. The 2018 legislative session has not yet started. Please check back for bill reports. The Colorado legislative session convenes  January 10th and adjourns May 9th.

Please check back here soon for bill reports.

HB17-1309 Documentary Fee to Fund Affordable Housing

After one of our most successful sessions, HB17-1309 Documentary Fee to Fund Affordable Housing died on a party line vote in the Senate State Affairs committee with Sen. Court and Sen. Fenberg voting in support. We thank all the legislators who worked tirelessly to move this bill forward, particularly House sponsors, Rep. Jackson and Rep. Winter, for getting the bill of the ground and fine tuning all the details along the way. We also thank Sen. Guzman and Sen. Coram for their work rallying bipartisan support around the funding concept. And a final thanks to all the community members and housing advocates who followed this issue throughout the session, reaching out to legislators to voice your support and share the positive impacts of these potential funds. We encourage everyone to maintain open communications with their legislators throughout the remainder of the year, continuing to share the need for a statewide affordable housing trust fund.


State Budget
In a marathon session approaching midnight on March 29th, state Senators debated and subsequently passed the FY17-18 Long Bill, including an amendment to add $16.3 million from the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund (MTCF) to the Affordable Housing Construction Grants and Loans line itemOne week later, the budget passed the House with the $16.3 million for Affordable Housing still intact. The budget now moves to the Governor for final approval and would go into effect on July 1st.

Construction Defects Legislation

Housing Colorado supports  HB17-1279 Construction Defect Action Notice Vote Approval.  Find out more about the problems construction defects pose to the affordable housing industry and how this bill mitigates those issues by viewing the Housing Colorado HB17-1279 Fact Sheet.This bipartisan bill passed the House on a vote of 64-0 and the Senate 33-0 and now moves to the governor's office for final approval.

Get Involved!

Issues Briefing: This powerpoint was presented by Housing Colorado at our annual Legislative Luncheon on February 2, 2017. This gives you a look into the current issues for the state's legislative session and Housing Colorado's stance. 

Legislative Outreach Template: Reaching out to your legislators to let them know about your position on an issue is incredibly important– and simple to do, with this template. If you care about or are impacted by funding for affordable housing in your community, this is a great place to start. 

Call to Action!: Tell your state legislature to support housing opportunities for all. This sheet features key facts and compelling points that will help share the need with your state representatives and senators. Then, find out how your legislators are and how to contact them

JBC Fact Sheet: Learn more details about the Housing Development Grants (HDG) line before contacting your legislator. This document outlines why the HDG is crucial to housing development and how the additional resources are used.

Housing Colorado is a proud sponsor of The Colorado Channel. Stay up to date on all the issues by watching or listening to live and repeat coverage of State House and State Senate legislative sessions.

Colorado General Assembly

Housing Colorado carefully monitors all legislation introduced during the regular session of the Colorado General Assembly.  Using the annually-adopted policy priories of the organization, the Legislative Committee evaluates each bill for its direct and indirect impact on the affordable housing industry.  When necessary, Housing Colorado mobilizes members and partners throughout the state to take action on legislation by contacting their state representatives.
In addition to the activities of the General Assembly, Housing Colorado also monitors statewide ballot issues through the initiative and referendum process.  We follow regulatory hearings and other procedural business throughout the year to keep our members informed and ensure our members interests are represented every step of the way.

Federal Policy & Congress

As a state coalition partner of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, we keep our members informed of key developments in Congress, include the annual budget development process and allocations to critical federal programs that directly impact resources available to the affordable housing industry. View a complete list of primary policy issues currently monitored by NLIHC

Historic Legislative Committee Bill Reports from Recent Years

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