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Policy Priorities

2017 Board Policy Priorities

Housing Colorado’s mission is to serve as the unified voice supporting the preservation and production of quality affordable housing for low- and moderate-income Coloradans through education and advocacy statewide in order to build a strong economy and healthy communities. The Housing Colorado Board annually adopts a policy statement that reflects the current public policy issues that impact the fulfillment of the organization’s mission.  While there are many worthwhile policy issues that intersect with affordable housing, the 2017 policy priorities of Housing Colorado are as follows:

Housing Colorado supports policies that promote increasing funding and financing tools that encourage the development and preservation of affordable housing within Colorado, including:

  • Identifying a permanent and dedicated source of funding for affordable housing development and rehabilitation;
  • Increased and maximized funding of the Affordable Housing Grants Line Item in the State Budget;
  • Enhancements to the Colorado Housing Investment Fund that serve to maintain existing resources and sustain long term expansion of resources;
  • Policies that encourage the development and preservation of affordable housing units in Colorado through federal and state low income housing tax credit programs and private activity bonds;
  • Policies that support efficient deployment of state resources that are consistent with program priorities.

Housing Colorado supports and promotes policies that address the diversity of needs and unique circumstances when developing affordable housing throughout Colorado, including:

  • Programs and initiatives that address the distinct concerns of mountain, resort and rural communities and have measureable impact; 
  • Programs and initiatives that address the needs of the hardest to serve populations.

Housing Colorado supports programs and policies that stabilize communities, including:

  • Programs that educate homeowners to prevent foreclosure, and minimize displacement of renters in the event of foreclosure;
  • Programs that educate and protect renters, and minimize involuntary displacement;
  • Policies that promote the orderly disposition of foreclosures, including maintenance and upkeep during the foreclosure process;
  • Policies that otherwise serve to advance the stability of neighborhoods and communities, such as preservation and rehabilitation of existing housing stock and funding for supportive services.

Housing Colorado supports policies that reduce barriers and facilitates quality affordable housing development and construction, including:

  • Insurance reform that makes insuring for-sale affordable housing development more cost-effective;
  • Programs that encourage resource conservation, energy efficiency and sustainable development;
  • Initiatives that encourage flexibility in zoning regulations to support affordable housing needs;
  • Reforms to construction defect regulations that prevent the creation of quality for-sale affordable housing.  

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