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Wednesday: 8 AM - 11 AM

Developing & Financing Affordable For-Sale Housing

Come early to hear National Development Council's for-sale session focusing on the differences between cost, value and affordability. How to structure financing  that's sensitive to both the community and buyer's needs.   A culminating case study will help participants put the pieces together from both persepectives.  *Session starts at 8AM.


Learning Objectives:

  • The difference between housing costs, values and affordability.
  • Information and decision points in the development process essential to project success. 
  • Determine feasibility for the developer and buyers.

Speakers: Karen Garritson, Field Director - West Region, The National Development Council; Erin O’Neill, Acquisitions Manager, NDC Corporate Equity Fund


Wednesday: 9 AM - 11 AM

The Basics of Rental Finance

Participants in this workshop will receive a foundational overview of how affordable rental projects are financed today that will enable them to get the most out of the other workshops presented on the topic during the Housing NOW! Conference.


Learning Objectives:

  • Basic rental finance concepts. 
  • Basic rental finance terminology.
  • Learn to identify organizations involved in basic rental finance.


Speakers: Rodger Hara, Principal, Community Builder's Realty Services; Steve Johnson, Director, Community Development, CHFA; Wayne McClary, Housing Development Specialist, Colorado Division of Housing; Ann Watts, Community Access Team Manager, Colorado Division of Housing


Wednesday: 9 AM - 11 AM

Affordable Housing & Housing Tax Credits 101

This session will feature a high level overview of different key areas in the affordable housing and tax credit fields.  The session will cover tools, techniques, and programs that will prepare you to succeed. Leave with resources and how to de-code all those acronyms.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Affordable Housing.
  • Defined Terminology and Mechanics.
  • Economics of Housing Credits.

Speakers: Terry Barnard, Senior Commerical Lender, CHFA; Amy Case, Controller, Grand Junction Housing Authority; Jeff Cunningham, Partner, RubinBrown; Ben Doyle, Deputy County Attorney, Boulder County


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