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Wednesday, 1:45PM - 3:15PM

TOD + Jobs = Housing  or  Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

Equitable transit-oriented development researchers advocate that eTOD residents will relieve auto dependence, promot transit ridership and reduce transportation costs. Is that true in practice? This panel will wrestle with research and practice on the issue and consider eTOD’s benefits to residents and communities alike. 

Learning Objectives:

  • What factors encourage residents to use transit?
  • What characteristics of TOD prompt transit-oriented lifestyles.
  • How can community stakeholders promote eTOD?

Speakers: Mike Kosdrosky, Executive Director, Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority;  Mark Marshall, Director of Real Estate, Urban Land Conservancy; Kathleen Osher, Executive Director, Transit Alliance; Maria Sepulveda, VP for Community Development, Wells Fargo Bank   Moderator:  John Hersey, Senior TOD Associate, RTD

Wednesday, 3:45PM - 5PM

Controlling Development Costs in Today's Escalating Economy
This panel will bring real life proven strategies to minimize or even eliminate cost escalation on new and rehab projects.  This interactive session will also draw from the audience's own lessons they have learned. Everyone will come out with a list of tangible ideas to implement on their current or future projects. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Strategy for controlling development and construction costs.
  • How effective teamwork allows projects to succeed.  
  • What to do when your project is over budget.

Speakers: Jeff Feneis, Director of Development, Loveland Housing Authority; Brandon Gentrup, Senior Preconstruction Manager, Pinkard Construction; Chad Holtzinger, Architect, Shopworks Architecture; Tasha Weaver, Manager, Tax Credits, CHFA  Moderator: Rodger Hara, Principal, Community Builder's Realty Services

Thursday, 10AM - 11:30AM

Working with an Architect in the 21st Century
Combining Virtual Reality [VR] and Building Information Modeling (BIM) results in a game changing workflow and new project experience for all stakeholders.  VR+BIM allows users to experience a project (without the need for technical drawings), which significantly aids in early decision making, saves time and money, while adding value.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why BIM is good for the client.
  • How BIM is a total paradigm shift in design and documentation workflow.
  • How the use of BIM affects the design schedule, Owner Architect agreements, and the structure of the project team.

Speakers: James Hart , BIM Manager and Job Captain, Van Meter Williams Pollack; Riley McLaughlin,  CEO, I-KOTA;  Aaron Miripol, President and CEO, ULC; Chris Parr, Senior Advisor, Sun Valley Eco District  Moderator: Brett Jacques,  Associate Architect, Van Meter Williams Pollack

Thursday, 1:30PM - 2:45PM

Construction Administration Basics
This session is designed for directors, procurement officers, project managers and anyone else in a position that would benefit from a basic understanding of construction principles including differences between typical construction contracts, how general condition costs manage a project, the purpose of ASIs and RFIs and other specifics of construction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Risks associated with different types of contracts.
  • Understanding general conditions versus direct and indirect costs.
  • Basic understanding of the role ASIs, RFIs and change orders play in a project.

Speakers: Brian Molzahn, Member, Hall & Evans Attorneys at Law; Jeremy Nothdurft, VP Operations, Alliance Construction; Shannon Sperry,  Partner, Medici Consulting Group; Joseph Vigil, Founder & President, Workshop 8

Thursday, 3:15PM -4:30PM

Stable Relationship with Your Syndicator & CHFA

A diverse panel will answer your questions about the relationship between a developer and its syndicator and state credit agency.  Come hear what the other side expects and hopes for and their various motivations when forming a partnership.  From acquisition to asset management to disposition, we reveal it all…

Learning Objectives:

  • Syndicator and state credit agency’s share their insight and expectations.
  • How your relationship will evolve starting with acquisition, then moving to asset management, and finally to disposition towards Year 15.
  • Risks and guarantees, cash flow waterfalls, tax credit pricing, investor yields, and just what the state credit agency expects.

Speakers: Nicole Brunswig, Asset Manager, RBC Capital Markets; Aaron Krasnow,  Investment Manager, Vice President, RBC Capital Markets;  Denise Rome-Tamulis, Senior Tax Credit Allocation Officer , CHFA; Thomas Vandiver,  Partner,  Dentons  Moderator:  Jeff Nishita, Partner, Novogradac & Company LLP

Friday, 10AM - 11:30AM

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Site

With less than a 1/2-acre, polygon shaped, TOD site –learn how constraints were turned into a vibrant 101-unit apartment community for chronically homeless and vulnerable individuals. Housing success is achieved through wrap around supportive services funded by Denver’s first Social Impact Bond Program. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Rolling in the Dough? Utilizing 4% PAB and 9% LIHTC, multiple funding sources and a pre-development loan.
  • Design on a Dime? Learn all the angles of design for a small, irregularly shaped lot.
  • It really does take a village: Learn about Denver’s Social Impact Bond.

Speakers: Christopher A. Carvell, AIA, NCARB Principal in Charge of Design, Christopher Carvell Architects, PC; Don Hartman, Director of Housing Development, CCH; Lisa Thompson, DNP, PMNHP-BC, Director of Housing First, CCH

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