2019 Session Materials
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2019 Session Materials

Check back for more presentation materials! This page will continue to be updated after Conference.

2019 Keynote Presentations

Wednesday Keynote
David A. Smith: The View from 2024: How We Thrived Over the Past Five Years

Friday Keynote
Corinne Hancock: Thriving in Chaos

2019 Workshop Presentations

Session 1 - The Continuum of Affordable Housing

Session 3 - The Basics of Rental Finance

Session 5 - Managing Properties with Multiple Funding Sources

Session 6 - USDA 515 Rural Rental Housing Preservation

Session 7 - Effective Programs to End Homelessness

Session 8 - Resiliency: Designing for the Next 50 Years

Session 9 - So You Want to be a Developer

Session 12 - Managing Affordable Housing in a World of Marijuana

Session 13 - Workforce Housing Development and Delivery Presentation, Case Study, and Town of Vail Housing

Session 14 - Getting to Net-Zero Affordable Housing

Session 16 - Challenges and Opportunities Facing Homeownership in Colorado

Session 17 - CHFA: 2019 Strategic Overview and Snapshot

Session 18 - Innovative Tools to Support Permanent Affordability

Session 19 - Housing and Health Partnerships - Improving Outcomes and Health Equity

Session 20 - Housing in Rural Communities: Case Studies

Session 22 - Eviction with Dignity and Respect

Session 25 - Due Diligence and Maximizing Your Developer Fee

Session 26 - Exploring Successful Colorado Re-Entry/Recovery Housing Models: Intro presentation, Second Chance Center, The Other Side Academy, Division of Housing

Session 27 - Creating Net-Zero Energy Teacher Housing in Basalt, CO

Session 29 - Partnership in Division: Creating Housing Solutions

Session 32 - Community Land Trust Study: Models for Sustainability

Session 33 - Show Me the Alternative Money - When LIHTC Financing Isn’t Enough

Session 34 - Senior Housing: Support Services Maximize Success

Session 35 - Trauma Informed Design: Strategies for Permanent Supportive Housing: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5

Session 38 - Social Impact Bond: Housing Chronically Homeless Individuals in Denver

Session 39 - Preserving Multifamily Rental Housing in Hot Markets

Session 41 - From Convent to Mixed Income Community: The Aria Story

Charrettes Presentations are available here!

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