Design Charrettes Program

2019 Charrettes

The selection committee has announced the three Site Sponsors for 2019:

Christ’s Body Ministries – Denver
Lincoln County Economic Development Corp. – Limon (charrette will be held in Denver)
Unison Housing Partners – Brighton

Volunteers will be confirmed by September. Charrettes will take place on September 26th-28th. They will then be presented at the Housing Colorado Now Annual Conference on Friday, October 11th. Check out the Conference Schedule here.

What is a Charrette?

A Design Charrette is an intensive, hands-on pre-development workshop that brings people from different disciplines and backgrounds together to explore architectural and development options for a particular area or site.

Housing Colorado's Design Charrettes Program

In 2019, Housing Colorado and University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning are continuing the “Design by Community” Affordable Housing Design Charrettes Program series that began at the 2010 Housing Colorado Now Annual Conference. Since then we have continued to offer this program on an annual basis, serving communities throughout the state.

Many of the projects that have participated in the Design Charrettes Program have made significant progress in their affordable housing development. Read more about past design charrettes and completed projects.

The Design Charrettes Program provides an opportunity for non-profit housing developers and Housing Authorities to benefit from pro-bono pre-development services for an affordable housing project in your community:

  • A team of professionals led by architects and landscape architects will create affordable housing concepts for a site in your community.
  • Additional team expertise will include finance professionals, development professionals, sustainable design and building/ construction professionals, municipal staff and resident representatives.
  • Collaboratively, these experts will work with your community to create unique design solutions for your site. 

Affordable Urban Housing from CU Denver CAP VRC on Vimeo.


Questions about the program? Email Dora 

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