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Housing Colorado wants to be the absolute best at what we do, but we can’t do it without you — our members. Each year, thousands of volunteer hours shape our core services, from the legislative and conference planning committees to robust educational programs. One of the best and most rewarding ways to maximize your membership is by joining a volunteer committee. Review Housing Colorado's Volunteer Handbook.

To request to sign up for for a committee please contact the staff person below.


Awards Committee
This committee interviews and reviews Eagle Award nominees. Senior members make Eagle Award recommendations to the Housing Colorado Board of Directors. This is a great fit if you 1) are looking for a way to get more familiar with projects, programs and people in the affordable industry, 2) enjoy putting on an editor hat and writing up a story for an Eagle Award nominee and 3) are good at listening to an award nominee and uncovering key facts to help identify leaders in the affordable housing industry.

Commitment: Meets in late winter and early spring, varies in commitment but expect 5-10 hours.
Staff Contact: Rachel Massman
2019 Co-Chairs: Tim Beal and Katheryn Grosscup
2019 Committee Members

Conference Planning Committee
The Conference Planning Committee helps plan and implement the Housing Colorado Now Conference. Each volunteer is asked to join a subcommittee. There are three subcommittee options: Publications (advises on design and proofreading), Workshops (helps choose workshop topics from proposal submissions), and Special Events (determines keynote speakers). 

Commitment: Meets 4-5 times from January - September. Sub-committee commitments vary. Also asked to volunteer in logistics preparation and at the conference.
Staff Contact: Rachel Massman
2019 Co-Chairs: Michael Thomas and Ron Mehl
2019 Committee Members


Editorial Committee
The purpose of the Editorials Committee is to direct strategy for strategic communications projects, contribute content for Housing Colorado blogs, and occasionally proofread publications. This committee meets quarterly throughout the year. This is a great fit if you 1) are looking for opportunities to build and strengthen your skills in communications 2) enjoy proofreading and researching, and 3) wants to support the Live Affordably Colorado public education campaign.  

Commitment:  Meets quarterly and given other small assignments throughout the year.
Staff Contact:  Elena Wilken
2019 Chair: Jennifer Reed
2019 Committee Members

Education Committee
This committee is responsible for the implementation of our monthly educational and networking opportunities. The committee meets quarterly to review proposals for educational events and finalize program content and speakers. This is a great fit if you 1) are looking for an opportunity to shape Housing Colorado’s educational programs on a year-round basis, 2) enjoy seeking out hot topics in the affordable housing industry and getting people talking about them and 3) are good at building strong connections with a wide range of organizations. 

Commitment: Meets quarterly and given other assignments/advisement opportunities throughout year.
Staff Contact: Rachel Massman 
2020 Co-Chairs: Adam Kopp and Joseph Sammartino
2020 Committee Members


Legislative Committee
As authorized by the Housing Colorado Board of Directors, the Legislative Committee consists of industry professionals that are appointed by the board to monitor all legislation that impacts the development and preservation of affordable housing in Colorado. The Legislative Committee includes an industry diverse representation of members that lend their knowledge and experience to translate often complicated legislative proposals into real-world impacts that inform Housing Colorado’s position on specific bills. Legislative Committee appointments are made in the fall and are board approved.

Commitment: High level of involvement. Throughout legislative session, involvement in weekly conference calls, review of bill reports, and taking positions is expected.
Staff Contact: Elena Wilken
Chair: Craig Marashcky

2019 Committee Members 


Membership Committee
The purpose of the Membership Committee is to provide input, guidance and action to increase and retain organizational members of Housing Colorado. This committee meets once a month from July- March. This is a great fit if you 1) are looking for a chance to be outgoing and reach out to existing or potential members, 2) enjoy connecting with other people and starting conversations, and 3) are good at time management, articulating the value of a membership association, and being an active Housing Colorado supporter. 

Commitment:  Monthly meetings from late fall to early spring.
Staff Contact: 
Dora Grace
2019 Chair: 
Brian Cohen
2019 Committee Members

Sponsorship Committee
The purpose of this committee is to ensure that Housing Colorado has a broad range of organizational sponsors that represent industries and services that are of value to members. This is a great fit if you 1) are looking for opportunities to be outgoing and make connections between companies and individuals to help them reach their goals, 2) enjoy connecting with other people and starting conversations and 3) are good at identifying potential event and conference sponsors.  

Commitment:  Monthly meeting spring through summer.
Staff Contact: 
 Rachel Massman

Young Professionals Committee

This committee for members 40 and under assists in planning Young Professional education and networking events.

Commitment:  Quarterly meetings.
Staff Contact: 
Rachel Massman
2019 Chairs: 
 Drew Weber & Amritpal Byrd
2019 Committee Members


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