2019 Education Program

2019 Education Program Resources:

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Advocacy Skills Boot Camp

This members-only event informed and offered tools for effective advocacy.This session, taught by lobbyist Amber Valdez and lobbyist and former legislator Gayle Berry, gave insight into how to reach out to legislators, how to cultivate relationship with them and how to give a simple pitch of your stance on the issues. This session also explained Housing Colorado's in-house resources and the public outreach campaign's, Live Affordably Colorado, resources. Click the title to watch the webinar.


Affordable Homeownership  

This forum provided a needed discussion around affordable homeownership in our communities. Panelists discussed the importance of homeownership to our communities, the challenges and opportunities for providers serving home buyers in the affordable market, changes in the starter home inventory, and financing tools for affordable homeownership. Panelists also discussed recent and proposed local programs around Colorado advancing affordable homeownership. 


Other Highlighted Events

Legislative Luncheon issues Briefing

This annual event updated the affordable housing industry on potential state-level policies driving the current legislative session. It also connected local legislators with over 150 members of Colorado's affordable housing industry in their districts. The above linked attachment is the copy of the issues briefing which Housing Colorado presented prior to the luncheon itself. It explained the policies, as well as Housing Colorado's positions.

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