Educational Events that Empower and Engage

Throughout the year, Housing Colorado hosts a variety of training events that address emerging issues, challenges and opportunities facing affordable housing providers. With the guidance of the Education Committee, a comprehensive program is planned each year to ensure leading edge content. This content is delivered in multiple formats:


  • Forums: topic-specific, panel format designed to discuss emerging or issues.
  • Webinars: provides important training and updates to a statewide audience.
  • Networking Events: members-only events to connect with the housing community.
  • Annual Site Tour: a chance to get on location and see the results of a project including an explanatory presentation of the ideas, funding, design and purpose that make this site unique.
  • Summer Outreach Events: every year Housing Colorado travels the state to provide updates and training sessions in conjunction with community partners. 
  • Annual Legislative Luncheon: gives members a chance to connect with their Colorado legislators and an issues briefing on the important housing policies for the session.
  • Annual Holiday Luncheon: this end of year celebration lunch connects members with organizational updates including our annual members meeting and a fun networking experience. 

Find these and other Housing Colorado events on the Community Calendar.

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