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Wednesday, 1:45PM – 3:00PM

Solving the Land Crunch: Congregation Owned Land

Acquiring land is becoming one of the most challenging elements of affordable housing development. Faith-communities have a significant asset to address the shortage. The Congregation Land Campaign is helping faith communities discover how to activate more than 5,000 undeveloped acres in the Denver metro area – and thousands more across Colorado.

Learning Objectives:

·         Identify and activate the often hidden resource of excess land on congregation-owned property.

·         Connect your team to the needed resources for a successful project.

·         Become part of a state-wide community that is learning the basics of developing on unused land.

Speakers: Pastor Steve Cuss, Discovery Church; Rev. Dr. Tracy Hughes, Mt. View United Church; Nathan Davis Hunt - Interfaith Alliance of Colorado; Tim Reinen, Radian Inc.; Sean Smith, Cecil Developments

Moderator:  Ray Stranske


Wednesday, 3:30PM – 4:30PM

Environmental Compliance: Getting the Deal Done

This session examines Colorado and federal environmental compliance requirements, and provides guidance on making questionable sites buildable. Topics addressed include compliance with federal policy, environmental assessment and cleanup tactics, grant funding programs for cleanup, and opportunities for technical assistance.

Learning Objectives:

·         Understand the basics of environmental laws pertaining to HUD-funded projects.

·         Review lessons learned from lack of environmental planning.

·         Provide helpful tools for desktop reviews when siting land for proposed development.

Speakers: Clark Anderson, Executive Director, Community Builders; Jesse Silverstein, Executive Director, Colorado Brownfields Foundation and Community Builders

Thursday, 9:45AM – 11:30AM

Innovative Solutions in Tight Markets

Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) is setting up a new HomeShare program which pairs homeowners 55 and over with those seeking housing in a tight housing market. The session will discuss why N2N identified homesharing as a solution to address the discrepancy between tenants and bedrooms in single family homes in Larimer County.

Learning Objectives:

·         Utilizing partnership to determine innovate solutions to a tight housing market.

·         Addressing multiple community needs with one solution.

·         Share lessons from the pilot program.

Speaker: Melissa Frasure, Program Director, Neighbor to Neighbor, Inc; Jennie Maeda, Neighbor to Neighbor

Thursday, 1:30PM – 2:45PM

Millennials as Homebuyers

Despite what much of the media says, Millennials are not that different from other generations— they too dream of homeownership and actively work towards that goal. This discussion will include proven measures to capture this market segment, including findings from Millennial andLatinX homebuying focus groups, suggestions on how to reach out to each audience, and how the real estate market is changing to meet the needs of these audiences.

Learning Objectives:

·         Identifying profile of a millennial homebuyer.

·         How to effectively market to this demographic.

·         How millennials will shape the next generation of housing trends.

Speakers: Megan Goss, Senior Marketing Communication Specialist, CHFA; Anne Smith, Principal, Evolution Communities Agency; Rep from Keller Williams Realty


Thursday, 3:15PM – 4:30PM

Changing Colorado’s NIMBY Legacy

Learn how to navigate through NIMBY’ism, in order to build all manner of housing solutions for our unhoused neighbors. This fast-paced, interactive session will engage the audience members through role play and team building exercises, following a brief presentation.  We will close the session with lessons learned and next steps.

Learning Objectives:

·         Understand the pathology of NIMBY.

·         Identify specific steps to dismantle the NIMBY culture in our neighborhood

·         Identify a potential housing solution/opportunity IN our neighborhood.

Speakers: Randle Loeb, Chaplain, People's Advocacy Council; Rossina Schroeer-Santiago, MA/LPCC/NCC/GCDF, Element of Discovery; Leanne D, Wheeler, Owner, veteran's services organization

Friday, 8:30AM – 9:30AM

018 Charrettes

See the innovative results of the 2018 Design Charrettes, the showcase of the collaborative efforts of design, development, finance, construction professionals, graduate students, and community stakeholders.

Speakers: Charrette Team Leaders

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