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Wednesday, 1:45PM – 3:00PM

Filling the Gap for Workforce Housing

Attendees will learn how alternative financing tools are being used to create housing affordable to those who make too much to qualify for LIHTC units and not enough to live in the new high-end products. They will learn
what those tools are and how they are being used in Colorado

Learning Objectives:

·         What the problems are in creating "Missing Middle" housing.

·         New financing ideas that are being proposed.

·         Learn how the tools are being used and by whom.

Speakers: Ed Briscoe, Managing Director, Weave Social Finance;  Jonathan Firestein, Managing Director, U.S. Bank; Greg Glade, Partner, MGL Partners; Steve Johnson, Director, Community Development, CHFA


Wednesday, 3:30PM – 4:30PM

Housing for Teachers

Attendees will learn about the challenges school districts are facing in recruiting and retaining teachers who can't afford to live where they work, how the problem impacts districts and their budgets, and how one Colorado district's unique approach signals a working solution.

Learning Objectives:

·         The problem of affordable housing for teachers.

·         How the problem is being addressed around the country and state.

·         How the Roaring Fork School District has addressed the problem.

Speakers: Allen Balczarek, Operations Implementation Support Team Member, Denver Public Schools; Jeff Gatlin, COO Roaring Fork School District; Tony Lewis, Team Leader, Donnell-Kay Foundation; Rob Stein, Superintendent, Roaring Fork School District

Moderator: Rodger Hara, Principal, Community Builder’s Reality Services


Thursday,  9:45AM – 11:30AM

Closing Gaps in Supportive Housing Funding

As communities across Colorado recognize supportive housing as an essential component of their homelessness response system, advocates, providers, and funders are developing creative approaches to address funding challenges and ensure long-term stability. Join panelists as they highlight new funding mechanisms and emerging best practices designed to strengthen supportive housing interventions.

Learning Objectives:

·         Understand Colorado’s evolving supportive housing landscape.

·         Showcase solutions to funding challenges.

·         Highlight braiding funding to create sustainable projects.

Speakers: Annie Bacci, Associate Director, Mountain West, CSH; Tom Luehrs, Executive Director, St. Francis Center; Christian Pritchett, Senior Development Manager, BlueLine Development; Zac Schaffner, Homeless Programs Specialist, Colorado Division of Housing

Thursday, 1:30PM – 2:45PM

Everyone Deserves Good Design

As Denver continues to experience unprecedented growth, how can the design of our buildings and public spaces create places and experiences that foster authenticity, flexibility, and greater social equity? Through approaches ranging from subtle to transformative, this session examines design strategies to create a more dignified Denver.

Learning Objectives:

·         Connection between equity and design.

·         Connection between health, sustainable design strategies, and design.

·         Connection between community and design.

Speakers: Chad Holtzinger, President, Shopworks Architecture; Terra Mazzeo, Architect, Stantec and Founder, AlleyFlats, LLC; Beth Mosenthal, Architect, Anderson Mason Dale Architects; Meredith Wenskoski, President, PLA, LEED® AP, ASLA, Livable Cities Studio


Thursday, 3:15PM – 4:30PM

Modular Construction is an Answer for Affordable Projects

To learn everything you need to know about using modular construction as a potential solution to your affordable project. To have a good understanding of the process, the benefits, and the limitations using this solution.

Learning Objectives

·         Modular: Value proposition.

·         Understanding the Design parameters.

·         Is your site a good candidate?

Speakers: Lana Cook, Business Developer, Prefab Logic; Daniel Gehman, Studio Director, Humphreys and Partners Architects; Mitch Slagerman, VP of Project Development, Palm Communities; Andrew Smith, Principle, Jordan &  Skala Engineers

Moderator: Leah Jones, Taylor Kohrs

Friday, 8:30AM – 9:30AM

Cost Containment & Sustainability

Affordable housing sustainability strategies are often driven by multiple factors: financing authority program requirements, code, jurisdictional requirements, and owner wants vs needs. But how can projects thread the needle between what’s required, what’s beneficial, and what the project can afford?

Learning Objectives:

·         How to hit green and jurisdictional requirements while containing costs.

·         Hear sustainability measures in affordable housing that are worth doing.

·         Learn what occupant’s value in terms of sustainability measures.

Speakers: Kristin Fritz, Director of Real Estate Development, Housing Catalyst; David Garabed, Vice President, Deneuve Construction Services; Joshua Marceau, Sustainable Design Consultant, Group14 Engineering


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