Past Charrettes

Past Design Charrettes

2017 Charrette
Rural or Greater Colorado: Grand Junction Housing Authority - Bookcliff Squire
Urban: Archway Housing - Location in Lakewood
Urban: Adams County Housing Authority - Location in Denver
2016 Charrette
Greater Colorado: Housing Catalyst - Location in Fort Collins
Urban: Mile High Ministries - York Street Villas
2015 Charrette
Rural: Tri County Housing & CDC - Sunshine Manor
Greater Colorado: Commerce City Housing Authority
Urban: The Empowerment Program - 1600 York St
2014 Charrette
Rural: Evans County Project- Bella Vista
Greater Colorado: Douglas County- Oakwood Senior Housing
Urban: Grand Junction- Manny Project
2013 Charrette
Rural or Greater Colorado: Colorado Springs-Bentley Commons
Mountain Resort: New Castle- Lakota Ridge
Urban TOD: Louisville- Alkonis Project

2012 Charrette
Rural or Greater Colorado: Fort Collins- The Village on Redwood
Mountain Resort: Estas Park Housing Authority 
Urban TOD: Urban Land Conservancy @ 38th & Blake 
2011 Charrette
Rural or Greater Colorado: Aurora Housing Authority- 30th & Peoria Transformational Housing
Mountain Resort: Silverthrone- Smith Ranch­
Urban TOD: NEWSED & ULC- Jody Apartments
2010 Charrette
Rural or Greater Colorado: Grand Junction Housing Authority- Village Park
Mountain Resort: Eagle County- West Eagle Crossing
Urban TOD: Westminster- Pleasant deSpain



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