Your Seat at the Table. 

Housing Colorado actively monitors state and federal policy that impacts affordable housing in Colorado – this includes federal and state funding programs, compliance and other key issues that impact the development and preservation of affordable housing. As a member-based association, Housing Colorado actively engages members throughout the year in advocacy activities. This may be direct advocacy, such as contacted elected officials, or more indirect activities, such as raising public awareness about the affordable housing needs in the community. If you are a member who would like to be added to our legislative alert emails, please contact staff.

Your Voice at the State Capitol. 

Each year, the Housing Colorado Legislative Committee monitors bills introduced in the Colorado State General Assembly and assesses their impact on the affordable housing industry. Working closely with other state partners, associations and policy groups, Housing Colorado is a valued contributor to many community partners. With our growing, diverse membership base, Housing Colorado is seen as an influential, collaborative voice under the Gold Dome. Housing Colorado is frequently consulted on bills and their potential effects to those working in the industry. We also help provide insight to lawmakers on these important housing policy issues. Housing Colorado also helps rally opportunities for testimony at the state Capitol. 

Each year, Housing Colorado hosts numerous events that help our members gain access to key decision-makers, including but not limited to our Annual Legislative Luncheon. We also host an annual advocacy training webinar to equip members with tools for how to be effective at the state level. Housing Colorado also helps compile and convey important educational research, and distributes these important figures to members. 


Staying Connected to Federal Issues.

Housing Colorado continues to strengthen efforts on the federal level.We continue to do meet, do outreach, and connect with our federal representatives and senators so that they know the important work that the affordable housing industry is doing in this state and stay informed about the current affordable housing deficit. Housing Colorado also provides members with connection to important federal policy, often through webinars, social media updates, newsletters, legislative alerts, sessions at NOW! Conference and more. 

Housing Colorado has established important connections with federal partners. HC is a state coalition partner of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a Washington, D.C. based association dedicated solely to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes. Through NLIHC, Housing Colorado is able to monitor important developments to critical federal programs such as Community Development Block Grants and program funding through the Dept. Of Housing and Urban Development. Housing Colorado also promotes NLIHC's annual Out of Reach study. Housing Colorado has worked with the National Housing Conference (NHC) on educational material, namely the recent Paycheck to Paycheck report in 2016. We hope to continue collaborating with NHC in the future. Housing Colorado also collaborates and convenes meetings with CISHA, HAG, and Make Room, including many more important organizations.

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