Policy Priorities

2019 Board Policy Priorities

Housing Colorado’s mission is to serve as the unified voice supporting the preservation and production of quality affordable housing for low- and moderate-income Coloradans through education and advocacy statewide in order to build a strong economy and healthy communities. The Housing Colorado Board annually adopts a policy statement that reflects the current public policy issues that impact the fulfillment of the organization’s mission.  While there are many worthwhile policy issues that intersect with affordable housing, the 2019 policy priorities of Housing Colorado are as follows:

Housing Colorado supports policies that promote increasing funding and financing tools that encourage the development and preservation of affordable housing within Colorado, including:

  • Establishing a permanent, dedicated revenue source for funding affordable housing development throughout the state;
  • Improving access to funding to rehabilitate and preserve existing housing stock; 
  • Increasing access to grant funds to create longer-term affordable housing (including state Affordable Housing Grants Line Item);
  • Inclusion of affordable housing in existing financing tools, such as tax increment financing, enterprise zones, tax incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy development, etc.;
  • Expanding access to funding to leverage private activity bonds (PAB).

Housing Colorado supports programs and policies that stabilize communities, including:

  • Industry policies and standards that ensure the viability and preservation of affordable housing;
  • Policies that provide funding for and improve the capability of housing providers to deliver supportive social services, and allow for the incorporation of affordable housing in existing state and county social service programs; 
  • Policies that support programs which aim to facilitate self-sufficiency through long-term financial stability and the alleviation of poverty;
  • Policies that help displaced tenants and provide an adequate balance between the rights of affordable housing providers (landlords) and fair treatment of affordable housing tenants;
  • Policies that promote for-sale and homeownership options.

Housing Colorado supports policies that reduce barriers and facilitates quality affordable housing development and construction, including:

  • Policies that better enable and incentivize local zoning for and development of affordable housing;
  • Policies that allow for the development of affordable housing and reduce administrative burdens while maintaining accountability for housing providers;
  • Policies that encourage the inclusion of affordable housing in infill development and other designated areas that receive special incentives (such as brownfields, blighted areas, etc.);
  • Policies that facilitate the development of affordable housing that is accessible to basic goods and services such as grocery stores, medical offices, and public transportation;
  • Policies that encourage efficient coordination between federal, state and local agencies and clear guidelines for cost-effective compliance with regulations and rulings. 

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